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Creative Media and Game Technologies

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Interactive media? Games? The choice is up to you! As the name indicates, CMGT will teach you everything you want to know about Creative Media & Game Technologies.

This is an enormously wide field of study. After a broad-based orientation phase, it is up to you to decide which area you want to specialise in. Do you have a broad interest in interactive media or are you passionate about creating games? At CMGT, you can determine your own study path.

The Creative Media and Game Technologies degree programme was formerly Art & Technology, Game Design & Production and Game Engineering.

Possible careers

The professional field you will enter, is very wide and incredibly international. There are many well-known companies where you can get started, but there are also exciting small companies you could join. With CMGT you can also start your own business.

  • 3D modeller
  • Web developer
  • Video editor
  • Art director
  • Programmer
  • Artist
  • UX designer
  • VR developer
  • Social Media expert
  • Animator
  • Teacher
  • Illustrator
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Creative Media and Game Technologies
Creative Media and Game Technologies
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Course content

First and second year
CMGT initially has a wide-ranging set-up. You are familiarised with the various roles and challenged to experiment with your own role. During the first year, you make a provisional choice for a role and will learn about this role in more detail. CMGT is a genuinely team-based degree programme. You frequently work on projects with fellow students. The projects are often practice-based. You will then be given the assignment to create interactive solutions or games for a specific client or target group. You will have the opportunity to experiment and make mistakes.

After the first year, you will continue to specialise in one of these profiles: Game Artist, Media Artist, Experience designer (Media and/or Games, Media Engineer, Game Engineer.

You choose a definitive role and, depending on your preference, will either move more in the direction of interactive media in general or specialize specifically in games. You will build a portfolio evidencing your skills and will prepare for your minor or internship.

Course content

Third and fourth year
In your third and fourth year, you will apply your knowledge and skills in practice. You are free to choose you area of interest. In your third year, you will do an internship and minor. You are free to make your own choice. Here, you will have the opportunity to specialise further.

In the first half of the fourth year, you will continue to further specialise yourself. During the previous three years, you have discovered your favourite area of interest in the creative sector. Now, you will have the opportunity to get an even more in-depth understanding of this area. In the second half of the fourth year, you will prepare for graduation. In this part of the programme, you will design and develop an interactive solution or game for an organisation.